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067-CCT-Black-Grey Streaks

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Chemo Cap with Ties - Black with Grey Streaks

Chemo Cap with Ties - Black with Grey Streaks

Made from stretchy, breathable and silky soft, woolly polyester/spandex knitted fabric, our Chemo Caps with Ties are a must for cancer and alopecia patients with hair loss.

These shaped headscarves have elastic at the nape and two long ties.

They are comfortable and easy to wear, needing to be tied once and able to be removed and replaced like a cap, without having to re-tie. 

They can be tied with a bow at the nape, with a knot and the ends hanging loosely, or tied on top of the head - turban style.

Because of the stretch fabric, ties and elastic at the nape of the neck, these headscarves fit snugly and securely on the head.

Proudly Made in South Australia!