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Collections: Christine Headwear

Christine - Boho Turban - Moroccan Feeling

C-7209 - Sapphire - Boho Turban - Moroccan Feeling

This Sapphire - Boho turban set made in 100% Viscose has a soft touch and is easy to form to give it a voluminous look. The beautiful paisley print carries a bunch of exotic darkcolours and is sure to match any of the autumn high streetcolours.

- Can be worn as a turban with the fixed headband and with or without the detachable ribbon
- Detachable ribbons to give voluminous look
- Available in a beautiful paisley print
- Possible to mix & match with other styles from the Sapphire collection
- Endless styling possibilities

100% Viscose

The Boho Spirit scarves offer a beautiful and intense palette of strong and colourful headwear. The set consists of a comfortable turban base and a smart headband, which is semi-attached at the back. The headband adds the perfect volume to the turban base. If the headband is twisted slightly at the one side, it will create a smart and stylish look.  Or, use it flat and instead push the fabric at the back of the turban slightly up, so the volume is concentrated to this part instead. 
If you want an even more voluminous look you can use the long ribbons that comes with the set. Attach the ribbons using the smart click system at the back of the turban. Twist them, braid them or something completely different – the possibilities seems endless. WATCH THE VIDEO FOR EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ...

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