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Christine - MILA Turban - LIPSTICK RED

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Mila Turban is a versatile and fashionable turban with multiple features and a unique fitting. This smart tight fitted turban base with excess fabric on the top for a better volume effect. Around the forehead we've added excess fabric which can be used to create a wrinkle effect. A small padded brim at the front gives a fine subtle shade over the forehead.

More styling ideas

The headband at the back of the turban is very flexible due to the 5% spandex added to the cotton. It is twisted slightly so you can give the front a smart finish. At the back, where the headband is attached, the turban has two small holes/gaps. This is where you create your magic!
Use the gaps to form small creations with the wide headband. Tuck it into the one gap to form a smart side ponytail. Or use them both to form an elegant knot at the back or a sophisticated bow. The creations at the back of the model can be made before the turban is fitted, so it’s easy to go all in.

The possibilities are endless with the Mila Turban - just give it a go there's no right or wrong way.

95% Caretech ® Supima Cotton, 5% Spandex