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Headcovers Unlimited - Bamboo Scarf Pad - Cream

Headcovers Unlimited - Bamboo Scarf Pad - Cream

Headcovers' scarf pad in bamboo is a must have for more than one reason. Designed to wear underneath head scarves and headwear, this scarf pad adds extra volume and height to the head.

The extra fullness on the head is particularly flattering on women with hair loss because it replaces the volume given by hair and creates a more complimentary, more familiar look. It also grips scarves and headwear in place throughout the day and eliminates slippage as you tie your scarves, making your life easier!

The ultra comfortable bamboo viscose is our softest fabric yet; in fact, we bet you've never felt a softer fabric. It soothes the scalp during wear, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. It also absorbs sweat and wicks moisture, allowing you to wear your scarves much longer without washing them.

You won't find anything else like this product!

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