May I Introduce Myself ...

My name is Margaret Louise Oldacre (Lou to my friends and family). I'm not used to talking about myself but felt I should let my beautiful, brave and resilient customers know a little about me.

My dear old Dad suffered from and recovered from Lung Cancer and my Mum suffered from Oesophageal Cancer and also recovered. They both lived to almost 90 years of age.

I have been in the business of manufacturing and selling Chemotherapy Headwear since 2005 ... that's 18 years, now.

Hat Show is my small business, based in Marion, South Australia, but also serving the world through my website (

For a few years, I made chemo caps for the Cancer Council Victoria's website and shops - until it became too much for me to handle, and I had to give up my position.

Now, in my late 70's, I am still working as a Sole Trader and loving my job and my customers.

I would appreciate receiving photos of you - if you have been or are a customer of Hat Show. Please send me a photo that I can add to my website. Also, if any of you who live locally, would like to model the Hat Show range of Chemo Headwear (even if you have hair again), please let me know. I would so love to have photos of real women (and men) on my website rather than mannequins.

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Cancer Council Sun-Safe Hats at Hat Show

Cancer Council Sun-Safe Headwear

Stylish Outdoor Hats

The Cancer Council Sun Hats by Rigon Headwear have long been admired and safely worn in our fierce summer outdoors.

After losing your hair from Chemotherapy, Radiation Treatment, after Cranial Surgery, or for whatever reason, it is even more crucial that you cover your head in our harsh climate.

These Rigon Cancer Council Sun Hats are fully lined and size adjustable for comfort.

Cancer Council Sun-Safe Hats

Christine Chemotherapy Headwear

Beautiful and Unique Designs From Christine Headwear

Christine Headwear offers you a wide range of feminine, contemporary and versatile head coverings. An aesthetic collection made to give you the possibility of dressing up your life and lifestyle when experiencing hair loss.

Christine Headwear Collection

Australian Made Twixt Wired Headbands!

Wired Headbands in Fun, Funky & Adorable Prints

These easy to wear wired headbands can be worn over a chemo hat while you are experiencing hair loss - then over your hair when it grows back! Only $27.95

  • Australian Made by Hat Show - BO-HO STYLE IN BAMBOO - Chemo Caps with Attached Long Ties in Quality Bamboo Fabric ONLY $45.95

    Quality Bamboo fabric is gentle to the scalp - necessary after Chemotherapy or Radiation hair loss. It is soft to the touch, highly absorbent and very stretchy. Hat Show offers this wonderful collection of Chemo Headwear in a huge range of fashion colours. The Ties are long enough to wrap around your head and to tie in many innovative ways. The "Beaver Tail" style flap at your nape should be spread out to cover your "no hair line" once the ties are in place.

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    Australian Made by Hat Show - BO-HO STYLE IN BEAUTIFUL PRINTS - ONLY $45.95

    Chemo Caps with Attached Long Ties - in Colourful, Stylish Prints. The quality stretch fabrics include EkoTex Cotton Digital Prints, Various ITY Polyesters and Rayon/Viscose Printed Fabrics.

    The fabrics are in Colours and Prints selected by Hat Show, because they are stylish, fashionable and in desirable shades and patterns.

    Our BoHo styled Caps with Attached Long Ties are so much easier to put on and arrange in styles to suit, than square or rectangular scarves, that are slippery on the head and difficult for some to arrange.

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  • NO NEED TO TIE! ONLY $45.95

    Chemo Caps with Attached SHORT Ties & Matching Scrunchie - No Tying Required - Made in Australia by Hat Show!

    Easy to put on and wear. No need to tie the ends as there is a matching scrunch included with the Cap.

    But, if you wish, you can tie the ties at the side or back, as you wish - or as your arms and hands will allow.

    These Caps are made from assorted stretchy, quality printed fabrics - selected for their beauty and softness.

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  • Bamboo Chemo Cap with Short Ties by Hat Show


    Made in Australia by Hat Show - Stretchy Bamboo Fabric - One Size Fits Most.

    Super stretch fabric means you can wear the cap on your head comfortably and securely.

    Wear Anywhere and Look and Feel Fabulous!

    Available in a Huge Variety of Fashionable Colours.

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  • Chemo Cap with Attached Short Ties at Hat Show


    Featuring Our Popular "Beaver-Tail" Flap at the Nape to Cover a "No-Hairline". Easy to wear and lots of stylish prints to choose from. Not a problem for most ladies to tie after surgery as minimum raising of arms is required to tie. Fabrics with stretch allow secure fastening.

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    Made in Australia by Hat Show - The "Donna" Bamboo Chemo Hat with Loop for Scarf, Is Fully Lined. The tiny loop at the back can be used to secure a favourite scarf, or a headband can be worn over the cap.

    A Huge Selection of Colours to Choose From.

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  • Made in Australia by Hat Show - FINISHING SCARVES- FROM - $10.00

    Assorted Scarves - Add a Finishing Touch to Your Chemo Hat. Our selection of scarves is constantly growing. From the wider Donna Scarf to the narrower finishing scarves, there are lots to choose from. Fabrics include soft, silky chiffons to lightweight polyesters. The prints are varied and colourful.

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  • Made in Australia by Hat Show - CHEMO CLOCHE CAPS - ONLY $39.95

    Bamboo Chemo Cloche Caps - Assorted Colours. Our long-time popular chemo cap with three seams. The silky bamboo fabric is so soft and stretchy, that the inside seams do not irritate the sensitive scalp - whilst the seams present an attractive feature to the cap.

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  • Made in Australia by Hat Show - CHEMO NIGHT CAP COLLECTION - $39.95

    The Hat Show Bamboo Chemo Night Cap Collection - is available in a huge range of colours. There is a French Seam around the hem of this hat, so there are no exposed side seams.

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  • Made in Australia by Hat Show - CHEMO SLEEP CAPS - $39.95

    Bamboo Chemo Sleep/Beanie Cap - Assorted Colours

    The sides are double thickness, with just the crown seam inside. Available in lots of fashion colours, this Sleep Cap can be worn outdoors as a fashionable beanie.

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    Comfort Stretch Beanies - Assorted Prints & Fabrics - This comfortable and stylish beanie is made by Hat Show in South Australia and is available in several types of stretch fabrics, such as cotton/spandex, rayon/spandex, polyester/spandex - ITY polyesters, crezia polyesters and polyester knits. There are lots of beautiful prints available.

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    Sale Price only $29.95

    Unisex - Assorted Beautiful Colours - Fully Lined

    These beautiful, soft and stretchy Bamboo Beanies are made in Australia by Hat Show.

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  • TWISTY BEANIE IN BAMBOO TOO! -Sale Price Only $25.95

    In Bamboo - lots of colours available, as well as some in fashionable prints in various stretch fabrics. Made in Australia by Hat Show!

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    Made in Australia by Hat Show - Chemo Turbans - Quality Fabrics including Bamboo and Cotton - Hand Finished - Aussie Made

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  • Made in Australia by Hat Show -DONNA" HEADBANDS Now Sale Priced only - $15.95

    "Donna" Headbands - Fabrics Include Bamboo and Prints. Wear alone or over a chemo hat

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  • HEADWRAP TURBANS - NO TYING REQUIRED - Sale Price only $29.95

    No Tying Involved - Just Wrap and Go! It's easy to look glamorous and stylish in a Hat Show Headwrap Turban! Made by Hat Show in South Australia.

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