Head Measurements

Hat Show's Headwear for Medical Hair Loss Collection is "one size fits most" (unless otherwise described). In some cases the hats have elastic at the nape of the neck and/or additional ties for further security and fit.

Our Hat Show range of chemo hats is made from stretch fabrics, including cotton/spandex; bamboo/spandex; rayon/spandex, or other suitable stretch fabrics, for comfort, protection and style.

If you do have concerns about whether the hat might fit you properly, however, please measure your head - taking the tape measure around your head, with the tape sitting just above your ears, and the ends meeting in the centre of your forehead.

An average woman's head measures approximately 56cms (22inches).

If your head measures less than 55cms, I suggest you select a hat especially made for petite head sizes, such as the Petite Bunny range of Christine Headwear.