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Bamboo Beanies - Charcoal

Bamboo Lined Beanies - Charcoal

These fabulous little beanies are made from quality, breathable, colourful and fashionable, stretch BAMBOO fabrics.

Soft and easy to wear, anywhere!  Just slip on and wear as is, or turn up the hem as desired.  You can "dress it up" with a headband or scarf.

No uncomfortable seams - fully lined.  Unisex!

Proudly made in South Australia from quality Pura Bamboo fabric!page1image4184041200 


• Organic
• Sustainable
• Biodegradable
• Thermal regulating
• Anti-bacterial
• Resilient and durable
• Naturally moisture wicking • Great moisture apportion • Breathable
• Hypo allergenic
• Beautifully soft
• Pleasant to touch


• Active sports / yoga garments • Fashion garments
• Intimate apparel garments


Organic PURA Bamboo range is made from Bamboo viscose, creating an eco- freindly and sustainable yet durable natural fabric that is beautifully soft and pleasant to touch. PURA - Bamboo also has many other great natural features such as moisture wicking, breathability, thermo regulating, anti-bacterial and deodorization properties, bringing the PURA - Bamboo range to the forefront of quality Sustainable and Bio-degradable fabrics.

PURA Bamboo is also beautifully soft and has a sensational fashionable drape creating a fabric that is pleasant to the touch and envelops the skin giving the wearer a level of comfort and style.

The Bamboo viscose has moisture wicking and thermo regulating properties make it comfortable to wear keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also contains natural functions of anti-bacteria and deodorization properties whilst still being resilient, durable, and hypo allergenic for sensitive skin.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world that can replenish itself within one year. Very little Bamboo is irrigated making its water use highly efficient and environmentally friendly. It is naturally prolific and pest resistant which means it does not need fertilizers to boost its growth or pesticides to maintain its quality. It also absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases more oxygen from the air than any other timber giving you a much greener option.


93% Bamboo Viscose, 7% Elastane