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Christine - Shanti Turban - Garden Pinks

Christine - Shanti Turban - Garden Pinks

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A modern and elegant turban, which is very easy to fit and style. The Shanti turban is a beautiful choice with fitted pleated layers that hardly requires styling once fitted. The colour combination gives this turban a smart and fashionable look.

Chrysanthemum is just something you have in your garden and in random bouquets, isn’t it? Well, yes, that too, but now you get this gorgeous flower interpreted on a turban model as well - and what a look it is! This series is an absolute autumn must-have and will suit just about every skin tone there is. The colours are a mix of chocolate, white, burgundy, orange, and pink shades and the print, a beautiful collection of chrysanthemum flowers.

The Turban has an attached headband at the front, which can be used to create volume or perhaps a smart twist.

95% Bamboo Viscose 5% Spandex

  • Easy to style and fit
  • Elegant fitted draping and detail at the front and back
  • 2-in-1 turban
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