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REMIXT Wired Turban with Full Head Coverage - Black

REMIXT Wired Turban with Full Head Coverage - Black

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When you cross an XXL Twixt with the need for a turban, you get... the ReMixt!
Wear as a full head covering or an oversize Twixt - it has an inbuilt wire for effortless styling, and can be worn so many ways. 
No more headaches from tight headbands, no more sliding scarves, no more tricky knots... just comfortable, fabulous, effortless style!

It's ideal for those experiencing hair loss and wanting full head coverage, and looks amazing worn with wigs and hairpieces to create faux fringes/braids, etc. It's your best friend on dirty hair days. It hides that regrowth, conceals that experimental haircut, makes it look like you made an effort when you just rolled out of bed. ReMixt is here to keep all your secrets!


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